Wednesday, August 09, 2006

delayed answers to edited questions

I've been slack at blogging, it's been too hot in my computer room, and I've been tired and lazy and watching 90210 and gallivanting around Alberta and BC on a stagette weekend and so on.

Furthermore, I have an announcement to make. This is my blog, and thus I will be editing questions to suit myself. Original questions can be found in the comments section a couple of posts down. New improved questions will be answered immediately below this sentence.

From Rebecca:
Q: How fabulous are you?

A: Pretty freaking fabulous, actually.

From Emily:
Q: What sorts of things do you like to smell?

A: Well, in truth, I'm a bit of a smeller. I like to smell all sorts of things. One of my favourite things to smell is my arm. I particularly like to smell my arm on very hot days after I've been swimming, when it kinda smells like that smell of hot sidewalk which has had water dumped on it. I love that smell. But I smell my arm on other days too, often several times a day. I also really like to smell Paul's armpit. Not when he's just walked in the door from a long workout and he's all wet and sweaty, but when he's relaxing on the couch or in the bed and the deodorant has worn off just slightly so there's that delicious man smell mixed with Old Spice and armpit hair. Love it. Unfortunately, Paul does not like having my nose in his pit so much, so I have to smell it in stealth.

More questions are welcome, but be forewarned they may be edited at the authors discretion.

Thursday, August 03, 2006