Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the ticker, the math, the pursuit, and my smokin' hot fella.

I'm getting on the ticker bandwagon. No, I'm not knocked up. It's the countdown to the end of all math. All the math I'm required to take, not the end of all math, period. That would be ridiculous. The universe would cease to function. There would be chaos.

I'm blaming my lack of blogging of late on my academic pursuits. Calculus is kicking my ass right now, and trigonometric differentiation is holding me down so it can beat me like it means it. The end of math is in sight. I can do it. Also I had to write a stupid paper, but now it's done, cited and everything.

In other news, I've been contemplating a slight change of direction with the whole higher education thing. My passion still lies in food, there is no questioning that, but exactly what I want to do with food is up for debate. The dietetics program has caught my eye, particularly since it has recently been changed to include a fifth year clinical practicum. Previously it was up to graduates to find an internship of their own, which proved to be near impossible and so many people graduated but never got their R.D. Now everyone who finishes the program will automatically get the practicum, and thus their R.D. designation (assuming you pass licensing exams). It will take the same amount of time as if I were to do the education thing, and the first two years of the program are virtually the same as the Food, Nutrition, and Health one I have been working towards, so I won't have lost any ground if I decide to switch, and I've got a comfy amount of time to decide. The appeal of doing dietetics and becoming a R.D. is the flexibility the field offers. I could work in a hospital, as a community dietitian, or I could be my own boss and have a clinical practice. The longer I work in aquatics the more appealing being my own boss becomes. So, big decisions, but lots of time to figure things out.

Oh, and today is my three-and-a-half year anniversary with my smokin' hot fella, who I fall more and more in love with as each day passes. And he's out of town, so I am getting the carpets cleaned! Hurray!