Thursday, September 21, 2006

Did she?

Big thanks to Nicole and her fella for getting my home computer up and running again! Most affordable computer repair ever ! (I hope the wine was okay)

Here is the list I posted back in March, anticipating oodles of free time over the summer months, where I would get tons and tons of things accomplished. Lets see what I managed to get to . . .

-A thorough spring clean of each and every room in my apartment, which will include going through EVERYTHING and tossing stuff out.

Nope. Not even one room.

-Steam clean my carpets, which will hopefully remove the splotches from cleaning up bike grease

Nope. Though I talked about it alot, and sure would like to. I've pretty much accepted that although renting one of those do-it-yourself steam cleaners would be cheaper, I'm willing to shell out the bucks to have someone come and do it quickly.

-Go and purchase some additional shelving and reorganize the storage system in my living room/kitchen/dining room areas.

Nope. But I sure wish I had. Still high on the priority list of things to do around the apartment, and really needs to be done quite badly.

-Finish knitting the cabled hoodie (started a year ago)

YES!!!! And I love it. Second sweater I've finished, first one I've actually loved when finished. I even wear it! To school and everything! (Will post pictures at some point)

-Finish knitting the alpaca scarf (started 18 months ago)

Yes, but that's not nearly as impressive as the sweater. And it's sitting crumpled in a ball somewhere. Although with scarf season just around the corner, it'll make a good transition scarf to the colder weather, and bulkier scarves.

-Finish knitting Muchi's hat (started in Dec. His b-day was in Sept!)

Nope. And he's about to have another birthday. (hanging head in shame)

-Start and finish knitting Chris Lee's hat (b-day was in Jan!)

Nope. But he never knew I was going to knit him one, so I feel less bad about it. I think I may have bookmarked the yarn for another project by now.

-Knit Tatjana's hat OR go to Nanaimo for a weekend and re-teach her how to knit it.

Ha ha. Nope. But I did discover that that's where my 5mm circulars were hiding.

-Finish the quilt I started BEFORE Paul and I moved in together (should be more inclined to do it now that I have an actual sewing area set up in my apartment).

Nope. But I did meet up with Alice-Ruth, this granny who was in my quilting class, and she gave me lots of ideas for how to finish it up using the amount of blocks I currently have done (12) and spacing them out with blank blocks which I can free form emroider. Should look super cool. Eventually.

-Make Dolmades, which I bought a jar of grape leaves for over a year ago.

Nope. The jar is still in the cupboard. But that stuff never goes bad, right?

-Make creme brulee, or SOMETHING I can use the blowtorch I got for Christmas on.

Yes!!! And it was bruleecious!

-Do something with my VSB credits. Another sewing class, or maybe cake decorating?

Nope. Nada. But Paul and I have been talking about taking dancing lessons, so perhaps that's what I'll do with them.

-Go visit Jacquie and meet her new baby (Brenna, born in Nov!)

Yes! A whirlwind to Victoria and back in one afternoon kind of visit with Jacq and the cutest baby ever!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

good news and bad news

The good news:

It's just the power source that's fried on my computer, which is a relatively inexpensive repair, and I won't lose any data.

The bad news:

the shop is out of the parts, their warehouse is out of the parts, and the supplier Is out of the parts. I'm not sure how long it'll be before I can create a post that will satisfy my number one reader.

Friday, September 08, 2006

coming soon . . .

A new post! I swear! I was on holidays with no computer access, and then the day I got back (also the day before school started) my home computer bit it. It's in the trunk of my car, and headed to the repair shop. Soon, soon.